Greasemonkey Director

Updated 2005-12-15 to add trailing slash to list of included sites.

As much as I love Johnvey Hwang's Director, I got really tired of having to click his bookmarklet every time I loaded my links page, so I created a Greasemonkey script to do it for me. In all honesty, his bookmarklet was already optimized to become a greasemonkey script, so it only took me a minute or two to convert it.

What took a bit longer was creating an easy way to share the GM script with others. With a little javascript/php/mod_rewrite action, I eventually came up with a clean, efficient method to generate user-specific scripts on-the-fly. To get your own, follow the directions below.

(This script was tested on Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 and Greasemonkey 0.5.3. Your mileage may vary with other configurations.)

If you haven't already done so, get


After submitting the above information, a pink-highlighted link should appear below. Right-click this link and click "Install User Script...". To finish installing the script, click "OK" on the dialog that appears.

Once all that's done, every time you visit your own page, the Director should auto-load.

If you experience any problems with the script generator, or have questions or suggestions, I welcome them in the comments. I'm notified via email anytime someone comments on my weblog, so I will get back to you eventually if you include accurate contact information.

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